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Cecilia Tay

Cecilia Tay

Cecilia has over 20 years sales experience across multiple industry sectors in Australia and globally. She is fluent in English and several Asian languages. Prior to her real estate career, Cecilia was a Holistic Counselor and was also involved in aged care. Cecilia is therefore able to leverage on a wealth of professional and life experience across a range of roles.


As a real estate professional Cecilia wears many hats. From the time she connects with her clients who entrust the sale of their homes, she becomes an information resource, a real estate counselor, a messenger, a sales person and a competent negotiator to ensure a successful real estate outcome. Cecilia is committed to ongoing personal and professional development as she aims to provide exceptional service and the best possible outcomes for her clients.


In her free time, besides spending time with her family, Cecilia is an active member of community groups, involving a church choir, public speaking and dragonboating. She volunteers in fund raising activities from time to time and is also a volunteer facilitator of mediation classes.

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